The launch of ApeCoin's steking and the Algorand update. Main events of December

The launch of ApeCoin's steking and the Algorand update. Main events of December


The launch of ApeCoin's steking and the Algorand update. Main events of December

The launch of Metachain on the main network
On November 2, 2022, the Theta Network was updated to version 4.0.0. The first of December was the launch of Theta Metachain, a special blockchain architecture created for the media and entertainment industry developing the Web3 space.

Theta Metachain is an interconnected network of blockchains that can operate independently of each other, it allows various Web3 projects to create their own subnets. According to the developers, blocks in each subnetwork are created every two seconds.

After the release, an easy-to-use developer tool will be released so that projects can quickly launch their subnet and connect it to Theta's mainnet. There will also be a Mainnet Developer Playground where projects can test their products before launching their subnet.

Chainlink Staking (v0.1) beta test launch
The Chainlink Staking beta test is scheduled to launch on the Ethereum Mainnet on December 6, 2022. Addresses that qualify and get early access will be able to send up to 7k LINKs to Chainlink.

Two days later, access to the restricted Chainlink pool will open to anyone who qualifies, who will also be able to send up to 7k LINK to Chainlink.

Limits in the steaking pool are 25 million LINK, approximately 5% of the current circulating supply or 2.5% of the total supply.

Chainlink Staking is a cryptoeconomic security mechanism in which stackers transfer LINK tokens into smart contracts to provide certain performance guarantees against oracle services. During the first phase of testing, the Staking pool will maintain a data feed for the current ETH/USD price on the Ethereum network. You can check out early access participation at this link.

Launch of ApeCoin (APE) Stacking
On November 24, representatives from Horizen Labs announced the upcoming launch of ApeCoin Stacking, which is scheduled for December 12. On December 5, the website was launched where pre-deposits can be made. The smart contract is scheduled to be funded from December 5 to 7, after which users will begin receiving rewards for steaking on December 12.

ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 format token associated with the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which launched in the summer of 2021. Time magazine and fashion house Gucci started accepting payments in ApeCoin this year.

Folks Finance V2 update.
On November 29 Algorand representatives announced that their DeFi-platform Folks Finance will be updated on December 12. In version 2, the interface has been redesigned and new features have been added. A DEX aggregator has been integrated, which will expand the features of collateral exchange, automatic leverage and instant loans to allow for arbitrage opportunities.

Representatives of the project said that in 2023 they plan to launch a management token FOLKS, whose holders will be able to participate in the development of the project through the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).



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