The NFT collection based on

The NFT collection based on "Game of Thrones" sold for more than $500,000.

Author: Robert Strickland

The NFT collection based on "Game of Thrones" sold for more than $500,000.
A series of digital tokens from Warner Bros. Discovery was sold on the first day of trading for more than half a million dollars

A collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), collectively titled Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm, based on the Game of Thrones series, was sold out on the Nifty Marketplace in the first seven hours of trading, reports The Block. The tokens, presented by media giant Warner Bros. Discover, went on sale the evening of Jan. 10 for $150 apiece.

Each NFT is a "box" with an avatar of a saga character that can be used in a virtual world based on the work. The NFT also includes additional attributes for "boosting" the characters. Once purchased, the "box" can be opened or left unopened to save, trade or sell it intact.

During the presale, 3,45 thousand NFTs became available with a limit of one token per Nifty account, and another 1,500 items went on public sale a few hours later with a limit of two additional items per account. 50 NFT were retained by the project authors for further events, free giveaways and other promotional purposes.

The total amount of sales of NFTs from this collection since the beginning of trading was $564 thousand, according to the analytical platform CryptoSlam. Only two tokens were resold more expensive than the original price: for $200 and for $176. The current minimum token price (floor price) is 0.07 ETH ($93).

NFT trading volumes tend to decrease after the initial sales. Thus, sales of the Donald Trump token series released in December fell by 99% in less than a month. Sales peaked in the first three days after the launch of the collection.


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