The user paid a fee to transfer $2k in Bitcoin over $510k.

The user paid a fee to transfer $2k in Bitcoin over $510k.

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)


The user paid a fee to transfer $2k in Bitcoin over $510k.

A user paid a fee to transfer 0.074 BTC bitcoin over $510k.

The incident was the largest ever paid for a single Bitcoin transaction

An unknown user paid 19.8 bitcoins (BTC) for the transfer of 0.074 bitcoin (about $1.9 thousand at the time of publication), reported in the social network X (formerly Twitter, blocked in Russia) journalist Colin Wu. Thus, the amount of the transaction fee amounted to about $510 thousand. According to the journalist, this was the largest ever transfer fee.

The reward for this transaction was received by the mining pool F2Pool, whose representatives said that they were ready to return the funds to the user.

To get his bitcoins back, he must make an official request within three days, otherwise, the assets are distributed among the miners. The reason for such a high transaction fee is not reported.



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