Theta Network hardfork and eCash network update. Main events of November

Theta Network hardfork and eCash network update. Main events of November


Theta Network hardfork and eCash network update. Main events of November
Several things will be happening in the next months that can affect both the individual coin prices and the overall aftermarket

Theta Hardfork 4.0.0.
The Theta Network's main network update will go into effect on November 2, 2022 and is a prerequisite for the launch of Metachain on December 1. The hardfork itself will occur after block number 17,790,756 is found, tentatively at 6:00 time. All validator node holders need to update to the current version.

Theta Metachain is an Interconnected blockchain network that can work independently of each another. It will allow various Web3 projects to create their own subnetworks. Also, the v4.0.0 patch will raise the max code size for Smart Contracts, after the hardforward the core chain will be able to maintain more sophisticated Smart Contracts.

World Mobile Token Balance Snapshot
On November 9, the next snapshot of WMT token early stacker balances will occur. Phase 2 awards began to be made available on Oct. 10. They can be obtained to a wallet or added to an active staking.

The World Mobile Token project operates on the Cordano network and creates a new global mobile network based on the sharing economy. The project aims to make digital services (online banking, healthcare, education) available.

Update eCash 0.26.x
All full node owners need to update their software by Nov. 15, 3 p.m. Once the update takes effect, node owners will be able to enable Avalanche Post-Consensus support on the eCash network.

Avalanche Post-Consensus significantly improves network security by preventing 51% attacks. A 1-block finality mechanism will also be implemented, allowing exchanges to credit the account after one confirmation.

eCash is a Bitcoin Cash ABC project that got rebranded in 2021 and switched to the Avalanche consensus algorithm. eCash is the first fork of Bitcoin to run on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm.


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