Tokens that skyrocketed in value over the past week: the top 5

Tokens that skyrocketed in value over the past week: the top 5

Several altcoins skyrocketed in price after billionaire Elon Musk completed a deal to buy the social network Twitter On the night of October 27, billionaire Elon Musk changed the bio on his Twitter account to Chief Twit, which can be translated as "chief tweeter" or taken as a play on words - "chief cretin." The entrepreneur visited the company's San Francisco headquarters and posted a video showing him appearing in the office with a sink in his hands.


In June, the billionaire advocated for greater integration of Twitter payments, including cryptocurrency payments. The businessman has repeatedly spoken out in support of Dogecoin.

Elon Musk has already talked about the possibility of making payment for a subscription to the premium service Twitter Blue available in Dogecoin. Altcoin is accepted for payment by the billionaire's Loop tunnel transportation network in Las Vegas, and it could also be used to buy Tesla merch.

Several cryptocurrencies have risen sharply in the past week:

The value of the largest "meme" token by capitalization has risen 144% in the past 7 days, according to CoinGecko. The altcoin has a market valuation of $20 billion and ranks eighth in the top cryptocurrencies. At its peak on November 1, Dogecoin's value reached a record high since April 26.

Shiba Inu.
Another popular "meme" token that is among the top 15 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, Shiba Inu, rose in value by 30% over the week. The price of the altcoin reached its highest since the end of last summer.

Dogelon Mars.
The cryptocurrency Dogelon Mars showed a growth of 90% in 7 days. Its capitalization is $255.7 million. at the news about purchase of Twitter by Musk the altcoin renewed its maximum since the end of spring of the current year.

Floki .
Meme token Floki became one of the leaders in the growth over the last week - its rate rose by 76%. The capitalization of the altcoin is $113 million and it has updated its price maximum since the middle of August.

Akita Inu also showed significant growth among the "meme" tokens - 36% within 7 days. At the end of October, the altcoin price rose to its peak values since mid-August on the news about the closing of the Twitter purchase deal.

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