Tornado Cash hacker offered to cancel his attack

Tornado Cash hacker offered to cancel his attack

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)

Tornado Cash hacker offered to cancel his attack
Tornado Cash cryptocurrency hacker offered to cancel his attack on the project's management system
The rate of the cryptocurrency TORN registered an increase of 8%. Prior to that, the token fell 40% in value on May 20 amid reports of a hack of the protocol's management system

An intruder who hacked the Tornado Cash project offered to cancel his May 20 attack on the protocol management system. This was reported on the Tornado Cash community forum by a user under the pseudonym Tornadosaurus-Hex.

The Tornado Cash project was attacked on the morning of May 20. The attacker was able to gain full control of the cryptomixer's management, he embezzled 1.2 million votes (by issuing them as tokens).

"Since this is more than about 700,000 legitimate votes, he (the hacker) now has full control," the Paradigm analyst wrote on Twitter 

According to his explanation, full control allows to take all control tokens from the smart control contact and block the router of the system. But the theft of user funds is beyond the reach of the attacker.

The attack did not affect the Tornado Cash protocol itself, which allows users to transfer cryptocurrency through the anonymization service. No smart contracts or technology related to how the protocol works were compromised, only the control system, CoinDesk reported.

After word of the hacker's suggestion to call off the attack, an active member of the Tornado Cash community, nicknamed 0xdeadf4ce, said the whole thing could be a "giant throwaway." Nevertheless, according to Tornadosaurus-Hex, the proposal is important, and community members have no choice about it.

No demands from the hacker in return for restoring the system have been reported.

After word of the attack came out, the TORN project token plummeted 41% from $6.20 to $3.61 before recovering to around $4.5. It responded to the news of the hacker's offer by rising 8.4% (to $4.88). According to CoinGecko, as of 11:30 on May 22, TORN was trading at $4.77.


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