UvTokenWallet was hacked, stealing more than 5000 BNB

UvTokenWallet was hacked, stealing more than 5000 BNB

A post about Eco Staking UvTokenWallet being hacked appeared on Twitter. Representatives of the multichain wallet said that employees of the security company Ancilia, Inc. were involved in the investigation. They also added that the other services of UvTokenWallet were not affected, and users' funds are perfectly safe.

More information soon emerged, as Ancilia employees managed to detect suspicious transactions. As a result of the hack the intruder managed to get more than 5,000 BNB. The amount of damage is approximately equal to $1.5 million. The money was exchanged for Tornado Cash.

Users have reacted to the message very ambiguously. Many asked whether the company is going to redeem the stolen tokens. There were those who accused UvTokenWallet of stealing the cryptocurrency itself.

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