Venezuelan authorities seize dozens of bitcoin miners as they storm local jail

Venezuelan authorities seize dozens of bitcoin miners as they storm local jail

Author: Robert Strickland (crypto-journalist)


Venezuelan authorities seize dozens of Bitcoin miners as they storm local jail

The cryptocurrency mining devices were discovered during an operation to take over the Tocoron prison, which the country's largest gang has turned into its headquarters

Venezuelan authorities have confiscated numerous Bitcoin mining devices while conducting a raid on Tocoron prison, which had been taken over by the local criminal gang known as Tren de Aragua, as reported by France24. In addition to the mining equipment, the authorities discovered sniper rifles, explosives, rocket launchers, drugs, and high-end motorcycles.

Tren de Aragua is identified as Venezuela's largest criminal organization, with operations spanning the country and extending into Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia, as detailed by journalist Ronna Risquez's investigation. It is estimated that this criminal group boasts approximately 5,000 members.

The prison had effectively been converted into a luxurious hideout for the gang's leaders, featuring amenities like a bank, baseball field, restaurant, and even a zoo.

In a meticulously planned operation involving more than 11,000 police and military personnel, supported by tanks and armored vehicles, Venezuelan authorities successfully regained control of Tocoron. Tragically, one soldier lost their life during the assault, according to Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister Remigio Ceballos.

On September 21st, Venezuelan authorities held a press conference to showcase the confiscated items following the operation. Among the items displayed were Bitcoin mining machines, alongside substantial stockpiles of machine gun ammunition, bullets, and various other weapons.


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