Web3-marketplace for selling Telegram names is up and running

Web3-marketplace for selling Telegram names is up and running

In the first stage, the platform auctioned off user names reserved by the messenger's team Web3-marketplace Fragment, which sells the names of Telegram users, began its work. On the evening of October 26, the first auctions were opened on the blockchain platform. Names in the form of digital assets are sold using smart contracts.

Names reserved by the Telegram team, such as @chat, @bank, @cryptotrader and others, are posted on the platform. Auctions last a week from the first bid. So far, the maximum bid is for the name @casino - 50 thousand TON ($95,500), followed by @bank with a bid of 35 thousand TON ($66,800) and @auto - 15 thousand TON ($28,600).

The lowest bid varies depending on the user name size. The starting price of the user name from 4 letters is 10 thousand TON (about $19 thousand). The minimum price for names with more characters starts from 500 TON ($950).

Pavel Durov announced plans to launch Web3-marketplace in late August. Further parts of Telegram's ecosystem, including channels, stickers or emoticons, could also be part of that market later, the Telegram creator said.


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