Pharma Bro token plummeted and lost 90% of its value this Friday.

 A well known whale Martin Shkreli sold off what appears to be most of his tokens which make for 160 bln tokens in general.

It has kind of recovered but is still valued 55% lower than its price before the dump. Tho Shkreli says that his account was compromised by a hacker, explaining the dump, but it's still hard to tell for now.
Martin is very well known for his passion for buying big and dumping like crazy so in a way even though his account wasn't actually compromised, it would not be a huge surprise what happened to PB. But with that being said you can't really judge somebody who managed to make 198% in returns in the crashing market. And as you might have guessed already, this dump is not the first one he has been involved in. We saw a nose breaking dip for 65% before getting back up on the 27th and 28th of July.
As Martin blaming the dump on a hacker many other whales and just the majority of people have their doubts quite high about that. Dogecoin founder Billi M. even pointed out that this dump right here looks a lot like the SG rug pull from the year prior.

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