What?! Shiba Inu prices went up 25%?! We'll tell you why

What?! Shiba Inu prices went up 25%?! We'll tell you why

At least one of the crypto dogs coming out of the cold.

Shiba is leaving its main competitors smelling the dust. Its 25% hike made it surpass Avalanche making 12th on the list of most ranked coins with MC reaching the 9$bln mark. Aslo, if you were watching CMC this monday you'd noticed that Shiba was the number one coin at 2pm in Hong Kong.

Shiba Inu's upcoming video game is causing a lot of fuzz making it up for the nicely looking green leg that it just did. Shibarmy has just published some info about the game - "Shiba Eternity". Right after Shytoshi Kusama's game announcement, players from Vietnam who got lucky enough to get the alpha version of the game started posting it. It didn't go without notice to say the least. Taking the web by the storm the game is already gaining popularity even before the main release.  Shiba Eternity is an online card-based battle game. The interesting thing about SE is that it'll see its first release on mobile and only after that people will be able to play it on the actual chain.
Experts speculate that Shibas jump could might as well be happening more so because of The Merge that everyone is talking about rather than their game, but only time will tell.  As you already know Eth's upgrade is coming in hot next month. But people are waiting the price is not as volatile as you'd think it'd be. Eth is only 1.6% up while doge is slightly crouching 2.5%.

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