Where to invest money. Experts named several young cryptoprojects

Where to invest money. Experts named several young cryptoprojects

Gaming coins, management tokens and other assets with the potential to grow in value With the number of cryptocurrencies growing every year, it becomes difficult to determine which of the new coins are potentially profitable and which should be treated with more skepticism. Experts have named several promising tokens that have been released recently.

Apecoin (APE).

One of the interesting innovations of 2022 was the APE token, introduced by the developers of the acclaimed NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), said a senior Bestchange analyst. He explained that the idea of the project is to use the new token as a manager in the ecosystem under development.

The developers of BAYC plan to create a full-fledged meta universe for the owners of NFT collection monkeys. Apecoin will be used as a token to provide in-game transactions and allow you to take part in voting on the future of the project, the expert said.

According to him, the Bored Ape collection almost immediately after the launch has become a kind of cult and is used primarily as an entrance ticket to the private club of "crypto-babies". APE owners can indirectly benefit from the development of this small but rather strong community.

"Potentially, after the change in the global market trend, we can expect a high interest in the project, and, consequently, the practical application of tokens and their multiple appreciation," the expert believes.

Aptos (APT)
Zuborev called Aptos, a new blockchain with a native token of the same name, a rather bright and loud novelty of 2022. According to the analyst, the project is interesting from the point of view of a marketing campaign, but not only - it may be useful as a testing ground for new technological solutions in the industry.

The co-founder of ENCRY Foundation has the same opinion. He pointed out that the team of Aptos creators is trustworthy - earlier they were engaged in the development of Diem cryptocurrency wallet for Mark Zuckerberg's social networks. This cryptocurrency project never took off because of the resistance of American regulators, but according to the expert, there is no doubt in the competence of the developers.

Nekrasov noted that confidence in the team at the start of the project is a huge credit for the future to attract investment. Among the companies that have invested in the Aptos project are such major industry players as a16z and Binance Labs.

Aptos blockchain is aimed at the hottest topic of this year - Web3, and this also plays into the hands of the project, which is still only attracting participants and investors. This blockchain has all the major innovations: parallel transactions to increase blockchain conductivity, smart contracts, a system of enhanced cybersecurity, and the ability to run NFT collections.

Now the ecosystem is actively being filled with applications. The expert believes that by the new year there will be a significant influx of liquidity into the ecosystem. In his opinion, Aptos is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the next six months although the start of trading in APT token in the middle of October was quite scandalous.

The fact that the project held an epathetic airdrop along with the launch, which attracted a large number of both supporters and critics. But the main result is that the project has high media potential, according to the analyst.

"Unfortunately, the reality is that today it is not so much the most useful projects that survive as the most quoted ones. Although one should not belittle the merits and technical results of the Aptos team, it is obvious that the emphasis of the project is on the marketing component," the expert said.

Potentially, subject to new technological victories, such a symbiosis of ambition, technical usefulness and bright marketing can lead the token to multiple growth in a thaw in the market. Therefore, it is definitely worth allocating a small amount of capital to buy tokens of this project for the future, the analyst said.

At the same time, he noted that short- and medium-term aggressive marketing and "helicopter money" for the community could hurt the real economy in trading pairs with this token.

Battle Infinity (IBAT).
When looking at more risky but no less promising projects for 2022, Battle Infinity gaming tokens are also worth considering. He explained that despite the fact that the development team from India has not previously been seen in successful crypto projects, the concept they proposed is interesting.

The essence of the token, as in many similar projects, comes down to the role of manager and in-game token, the expert explained. He specified that in case of its successful implementation, the project will unite several sports games in its own unified meta universe where IBAT will be a connecting link of the whole ecosystem.

Buying this token is quite a risky investment for this type of project at its current stage of development, especially with the stagnation of the entire crypto market, the specialist warned. But, he noted that in case of success, it may turn out that the price of the token will increase many times due to its active use within the ecosystem. Although the project is risky, it is worthy of careful study.

Algorand (ALGO)
Another project worth keeping an eye on, despite the fact that it is not as new as the aforementioned ones, is Algorand. He explained that it is "a pure infrastructure story" - a decentralized platform with smart contracts for DeFi, issuing digital assets, Web3 projects and other similar developments.

The expert again drew attention to the team of creators: the project was launched by MIT professor Silvio Micali. The team managed to secure partnership agreements with a number of states, such as the Marshall Islands, El Salvador, over the course of several years. This means that blockchain is potentially interesting for launching national digital currencies (CBDC).

He also pointed out that USDT and USDDC staplecoins are already running on the Algorand blockchain, meaning it is a sought-after network. The expert believes that in the future Algorand may take its niche among other DeFi-oriented ecosystems.

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