Will The ETH's Merge Actually Put BTC into The Ground?

Will The ETH's Merge Actually Put BTC into The Ground?

In this terrible bear market we are in right now there's apparently a place for some good news for ETH. And it's not just the Merge. ETH's metrics have been leaving BTC in the dust since the start of 2022.

Now that the Merge is literally around the corner it is highly expected that ETH is going to make even more distance, leaving BTC even further behind.
But the question still remains: Is this the beginning of the end for BTC in terms of competing with ETH? The key factor here is what will happen to ETH after the Merge. Will it become a deflationary asset or not?

Besides that there's also that after becoming PoS there will be no mining for ETH anymore. To compensate for that staking rewards are going to be introduced, but those will not nearly be as good as mining rewards. Therefore the issuance will drop from 13.000 to 1.600 per day - 90% drop.

If the Merge will actually spark a lot of interest ETH, such a small issuance might as well make Etherium deflationary. If that happens, ETH will become a store of value asset, just like BTC, in fact it will be bigger than BTC having the most locked in total value.
Those factors may make BTC obsolete really fast as it has zero to none utility and is solely a store of value assets.
There's a lot of financial institutions that put their money in BTC. Mostly through BTC custodies and brokers. As a matter of fact BlackRock has started their private BTC trust as well.
That makes BTC relatively safe from regulations in the developed countries.
There's a popular opinion amongst BTC fans that ETH will be a lot more centralized after the Merge, which will definately be very favourable for PoW BTC.


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