ZCash developers posted information about spam attack

ZCash developers posted information about spam attack


ZCash developers posted information about spam attack
The creators of the blockchain reported an increase in the size of the network, but noted that most users were not affected

The developers of the ZCash project, Electric Coin Co., reported seeing an increase in blockchain size caused by a large number of recent transactions. This is the team's first report of the incident since community members discovered problems on the network a few days ago.

User @xenumonero noticed suspicious activity on the network and wrote on Twitter (the social network is blocked in Russia) that almost every block contained a "secure transaction with hundreds of exits," which allowed the spammer to inflate the blockchain volume, increasing each block to 2 MB every 75 seconds. That the transactions were conducted to disrupt the network was evidenced by their value. They were all for less than 1 cent.

The increased size of the blockchain caused it to slow down. The developers reported that most users were not affected. At the moment, the project team is preparing to make an update, which should restore normal operation of the system.

Earlier it was reported that the blockchain BNB Chain returned to work after the hacking of the BSC Token Hub bridge. On the night of October 6 to 7, hackers managed to steal over $544 million worth of cryptocurrency, but they were only able to withdraw $100 million. After that, the work of the network was suspended.

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