Download official mining software: 50miner

Download official mining software: 50miner



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Installing 50miner is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!


official 50miner program
Mining programs are mostly presented in the form of console clients, which becomes a real obstacle for those who are new to crypto-mining. Dealing with the code, creating additional working documents, etc. - all these things can be quite difficult. That's why today we will see a software that has a familiar to all appearance with a graphical interface - the program 50miner. Consider its features and advantages.


The first and biggest advantage of the program 50miner is its graphical interface. Thanks to this, the user no longer has to work with the console line, enter various codes and commands, etc. To configure the program, you can use the usual sliders, buttons and marks. This greatly simplifies the work with the miner.

In addition, among the advantages of this software can be highlighted:

  • Simple registration and login. In order to create a new account, it is enough to enter a login, as well as to specify the password twice. Authorization is also possible by entering only two values - login and password.
  • "Mobility. The program does not require installation, so you can download it to a removable drive and use it if necessary.
  • Security. All settings you make in the working window are saved in a separate configuration file which you can always restore in case of emergency.
  • Setting accuracy. 50miner allows the user to make a wide range of settings: the choice of critical temperatures, processors involved in mining, the number of threads, etc.
  • Polysyllabicity. The latest update of the program supports 3 languages, including Russian, which will greatly simplify the use.

Thus, the program 50miner is an excellent option for those who have never worked with console miners and have no desire to understand the commands. In addition, this software will be relevant for the very newcomers to cryptocurrency mining, who want to quickly test their miner for performance.


Basically, the 50miner program does not require any settings. It is just a graphical interpretation of the usual console miner.

50Miner Bitcoin Mining Software

Due to the graphical interface, debugging the program to your needs and wishes is easy even if you have no experience in mining. It is enough to enter your login and password, specify the pool address, select processors and video cards for mining and click "Start". After that, the process will start, and the coins will start to flow into your account.

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