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  • Flashing BIOS with AFUDOS

If your board can't be flashed in the easiest way with the Intel Flash Programming Tool (FPT), then you can most likely flash your board with the AFUDOS program. If you can't flash your board with that program either, then the most reliable way is to use CH341A flashing tool (100% confidence level).

  • We will need:

- Rufus program to create a bootable USB flash drive.
- AFUDOS program to flash BIOS
- BIOS file in .rom format

  • Run Rufus, choose FreeDOS boot method, press START and agree that all files will be removed


  • When the bootable flash is done, you will see a green "Done" message.
  • Then put all files from AFUDOS folder to the root of USB flash drive, and also file of firmware bios you want to add to your motherboard, file must have extension .rom, if bios.rom file name, then you should have result like on screenshot below:


Now we have to boot from flash drive, to do that go to the Boot section of the bios and put flash drive in first place in boot device priority, save your settings and reboot.

When FreeDOS is booted you have to choose the English keyboard layout:


  • Our AFUDOS program is ready to work, first, let's make a backup of the firmware with the command:

afudos backup.rom /o

After that you will have backup.rom file on your flash drive

  • Now flash the bios with the command

afudos bios.rom /gan
The bios.rom is the firmware file you copied to your flash drive

  • After the flashing procedure is finished, I need to reboot the PC and enjoy the new BIOS.

Additional info:
After flashing it is recommended to reset the settings to Default, you can do it in the BIOS settings, with the jumper on the board if available, or just remove the battery.

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