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AIDA64 Download



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  • AIDA64 lets you easily diagnose and test your PC's hardware configuration. It will show you the hardware inside your computer or laptop and help you stress-test it to make sure that it is working properly.

AIDA64 Extreme / Engineer / Business / Network Audit / Edition
AIDA64 provides a detailed report on the models of installed hardware;
Hardware and various system components monitoring;
Fan speed test, temperature, and voltage measurements;
Displays detailed information about your computer's memory state;
Pinpoints errors, glitches, and malfunctions;
Testing AMD Radeon and NVidia GeForce graphics cards;
Diagnostics of RAM and HDD, SSD;
Excellent optimization with Windows XP, Vista as well as Windows 7 and 8, 10;

Indispensable for overclocking - displays frequencies at which the graphics adapter works, its temperature, etc.

  • Advantages of

Various OS performance tests are available;
Effective diagnostics of the motherboard and other components;
The developer of FinalWire consistently updates the program;
The trial version of the utility, to analyze PC devices is available for free;
Investigation of problems related to RAM and other system components of the computer;
The application checks installed programs and display information about them;
There are several different editions of the program for different purposes: Aida64 Business Edition, Ultimate, AIDA64 Engineer Edition, Network Audit, etc.

  • Disadvantages

The utility has a limited validity period of the free version, the license requires a financial cost;
There are no tools responsible for troubleshooting the detected problems after testing the computer.

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