Download mining software: AMDVBFlash / ATI ATIFlash

Download mining software: AMDVBFlash / ATI ATIFlash



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Installing AMD AMDVBFlash is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!

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official ATIFlash- Utility for flashing BIOS of AMD graphics cards for Windows. Supports all AMD video adapters. Manual on how to flash BIOS below

How to flash BIOS
If you have a BIOS switch, put it in the second position, usually to the ports on the back of the card.  You can only edit your BIOS with the Polaris BIOS Editor if your card has Hynix or Samsung memory.

Close all applications that can use the GPU
Open ATIFlash as administrator. It supports max 3 video cards, if you have more - use the flash method via cmd (below)
Press "SAVE", save your BIOS file and make a backup copy. (Note: this is a very important point, a backup is always needed in case of errors and emergencies)
Make needed changes with BIOS editor, for example Polaris BIOS Editor (the link above) or Red BIOS Editor
Download and install Atikmdag patcher.
To load BIOS into the videocard, we need to press the "Load Image" button in ATIFlash, choose the required BIOS file, wait for the end of the flashing, the system will tell you "Your VBIOS was programmed successfully" - this means that everything is OK. Next, the utility will ask you to reboot your PC. Congratulations, you have reflashed your graphics card BIOS.


How to flash BIOS via CMD
Detailed instructions and commands to the command line can be found in AMDVBFLASH_User_Guide_NDA.pdf

Run amdvbflash.exe as administrator
Find and run cmd_SAVE_BIOS.bat file in your program folder, ATIFlash will save your current BIOS version as BIOS_backup.rom, copy it to another folder.
Make changes in your bios.
Before flashing make sure to rename the bios you are going to use to BIOS to BIOS.rom, make sure it is in the folder with the program.
Run the cmd_FLASH_BIOS.bat file.
The system will tell you that your bios hash is programmed and verifed.
Close this window and reboot the system. Here it is.

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