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AMI Change Logo - change BIOS logo on any Chinese LGA2011 and LGA2011-3 board

It only takes a few minutes to change the dull American Megatrends logo that greets us every time we turn on our computer. A small utility Ami Change Logo will help us in this.

The described method will work for any motherboard with AMI Aptio 4 bios (Chinese boards of 2011 socket work on this version) and Ami Aptio 5 (Chinese boards of 2011-3 socket work on this version). All the difference will be in the executable file, which is different for each version.

You need to take into account that in order to change the logo of the bios, you will need to dump it, make changes, and flash it back. If for most motherboards on LGA2011-3 these processes can be done directly from Windows, then for boards on LGA2011 you will need a bootable flash drive with Afudos or FPT.

Dump the native bios in any way suitable for your board
Download from this page the program Ami Change Logo for boards on socket 2011-3 or Edit. logo.Huanan-X79-by-NFound for boards on socket 2011.
Open the program (the interface is the same for both versions) and specify the path to our dump in it.


Click the "Save" or "Save Logo" button and specify where the stock logo will be saved. Further, we will edit it, but if you want, you can create a new file with the same format
Go to the folder with the saved logo and open it with any graphic editor. Even standard Paint will do.

Make any changes, but remember that in the bios 2011 socket, you can load only BMP images with 256 colors and resolution not more than 800*600 (although some bios understand even higher resolution).

For socket 2011-3 not only BMP is supported, but also more familiar jpg

smi 2

Load the modified logo back into the program using the "Select" or "Browse" button


ami 23

Press the "Apply" or "Replace Logo" button.
Save our dump by pressing the "Save Image As"  or "Save Image As" button.

Now we just need to flash our dump and make sure that the new logo is displayed correctly.


Required software
For boards on Aptio 4 (Chinese on 2011 socket)

For Aptio 5 boards (Chinese on 2011-3 socket).


Useful information

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