How to use ASUS GPU Tweak III

How to use ASUS GPU Tweak III



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Overclocking with asus gpu tweak

  •  How to use official ASUS GPU Tweak III

Asus graphics card owners can take advantage of the ASUS GPU Tweak III utility. It is possible to install GPU Tweak III directly from the disc of drivers and utilities

This article will tell you how to use ASUS GPU Tweak III. The owners of the latest operating system version are advised to download the updated version of the program. The main features and capabilities of this utility include system optimization tools, fan speed adjustments, and a simple overclocking of the graphic adapter.

  • ASUS GPU Tweak III Windows 10

System optimization
Users can use the ASUS GPU Tweak III utility to optimize their Windows 10 system. The available optimization tools will only be useful for those with mid-priced processors installed. ASUS GPU Tweak III allows you to adjust visual effects, and so-called Windows 10 performance, disable unnecessary services and processes and perform disk defragmentation.

Go to Simple Mode, and click Gaming Booster - BoostMySystem.
In the user's system optimization window, click Start to start the process.


  • Fan Tuning

ASUS GPU Tweak III has a wide range of overclocking options, and thus fan tuning. All powerful video cards with modern cooling simply turn off the fans by default. The video card is cooled without active cooling to certain temperatures, then the fans are turned on.

Go to Advanced Mode and select User Define under Fan Speed. Then depending on the graphics chip temperature set the required fan speed.

In addition, pay attention to the 0dB Fan switch, which is enabled by default. If you switch it off, all fans will rotate at minimum RPM to cool your graphics card even if it is idle. In some situations, the switch only turns on, but can not turn off the RPMs (probably due to a conflict with the Radeon settings application which also implements a similar functionality).

  • Video card overclocking

As for overclocking the video card in memory, everything is done very simply indeed. In the user space, you can choose between OC Mode, Gaming Mode, and Silent Mode. The main differences between the current profiles are contained in the base clock frequency.

Important: Overclocking a video card significantly increases the operating temperature of the graphics chip. Before overclocking think several times whether it is worth the risk of getting just a few frames per second in your favorite game. See also: How to find out the video card temperature in Windows 10.

To get more frames per second in games, you need to increase the working frequency of the core and the total memory frequency. It is not possible to significantly increase the frequency without increasing the voltage. The advantage of the utility ASUS GPU Tweak III is a simple increase in core frequency, increasing the frequency of the core automatically increases the voltage.

On the vendor's website, it is recommended to drag the GPU Voltage and Power Target sliders to the right up to the maximum before starting overclocking. After that slight increases in values of the GPU Clock and Memory Clock. In our opinion, it is recommended to slightly increase all available parameters in the process of overclocking and immediately check the stability of the video card in FurMark.


First, please read the instructions: How to use FurMark. It is also worth noting the availability of a modified version of FurMark from Asus. Regardless of the modification, the main thing is to understand how to perform testing and what parameters you need to pay attention to during stability testing.

In addition to the basic features of overclocking the graphics card and system optimization, the user has the ability to see the full characteristics of the graphics adapter and enable parameter monitoring. The updated version of the program has a slightly modified interface, in fact with the previously available features.

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