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  • official  BTC Tools - what is this program for?

BTCTools has long been popular among miners due to its extensive feature set for managing entire farms with multiple ASIC units. Not only does the utility allow you to control the operation of devices, monitor their performance, and reboot them remotely, but it also gives options for configuring multiple machines at the same time. This program is ideal for novice miners and veterans of this relatively young industry.

  • What can BTC Tools do?

The program allows you to perform a wide range of ASIC block management operations:

  • Obtaining statistics and the current status of miners connected to a single local network, viewing any important metrics of their work, including temperature data, cooler speed, and others.
  • Arranging devices by various parameters, including current performance metrics, to quickly identify overheating devices or low-performing units.
  • View the status of connected miners with information that is updated in real-time without significant delays or loss of information issues. This is a great feature for ongoing device management.
  • Simultaneous configuration of multiple units in a single pool. The ability to batch change settings is extensive: you can change all devices at once or select groups of devices.
  • Reboot multiple devices at once. You can reboot the entire farm if necessary without losing any time. You can also flash all devices at once to quickly update the software onboard devices.
  • Special LowPowerMode (LPM - Low Power Mode) function, which can be activated on a special device configuration management page.
  • It is possible to change different parameters of the devices at the same time. For example, the frequency of the video processor core with the appropriate firmware that allows you to overclock equipment.
  • Support for a wide range of devices from major ASIC-block manufacturers (AvalonA7, A8, A6, AntminerS17, S9, S17T, and others).

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