Download AMIBCP 4.53 / 5.02

Download AMIBCP 4.53 / 5.02



4.53 + 5.02
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AMIBCP 4.53 + 5.02

AMIBCP (AMI BIOS Configuration Program) is a program for editing American Megatrends produced bios settings. Version 4.53 successfully copes with most of the bios of Chinese boards on Socket 2011, 1356, and some other sockets.

For Chinese boards on the 2011-3 socket, AMIBCP version 5.02 will do.

  • The program for editing BIOS settings appeared together with the BIOS itself if we're talking about the AMIBCP utility which edits American Megatrends' AMIBIOS. The interest to this software product was fueled by its inaccessibility: the utility was distributed only to motherboard developers, falling under strict NDA requirements. The peculiarity of AMIBCP was that it ignored BIOS version continuity - each new release worked only with the current firmware version.


  • How to Use AMIBCP?

In a previous post, we touched on the specifics of how AMIBCP works in the Intel Management Engine ecosystem. In fact, there we were talking about the conditions of work on a new software platform - UEFI. To achieve this, AMI went to rebranding: instead of AMIBIOS all its low-level products were called Aptio. Over the eight years since the first publication, the configuration technology has been enhanced with new features.

Aptio V is a debut idea of UEFI
The current version of UEFI BIOS by American Megatrends is AMI Aptio V. The firmware provides the startup of the motherboard and the configuration of all its nodes and subsystems. Let's take a look at Aptio implementation for ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus platform with AMD Ryzen 5 3400G processor. It will allow us to experiment both with the firmware file and the UEFI BIOS settings available in CMOS Setup.

It's not news for a long time that Aptio firmware comes in the form of a capsule (.cap file extension). Previously, to work with the UEFI BIOS image you had to extract it from the firmware capsule, cutting off the first 2048 bytes at addresses from zero to 7FFh. Today, AMIBCP 5.0 and higher successfully solves this task on its own, and there is no need to resort to editing the binary image anymore.

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