Download mining software: atikmdag-patcher

Download mining software: atikmdag-patcher



4.5 Mb
Installing atikmdag is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!

With the Atikmdag patcher utility, you can cancel the video chip driver signature check. The utility has a simple and clear interface.

Features of the utility
The program is actively used by people who have video chips for AMD mining. The utility is recommended to use if after flashing, the device does not see the video card. Atikmdag patcher is able to remove the error related to the video chip firmware in just a few clicks.

How to work with the program?
If no limit is found during the utility launch or there are several matches, we recommend updating the program. Restart. After restarting the system. To run an unsupported driver, start the program and click the "yes" button. Outdated versions of components may produce errors related to HDCP acceleration. You will need to disable Flash Player in the settings to get out of this situation. If a failure occurs during driver signing related to video chip operation, it may be related to connecting several monitors or overclocking the video chip. It's worth noting that some versions of AMD video cards should not be overclocked before flashing.

Advantages of the program
Atikmdag patcher allows you to remove the signature check of video chip drivers;

Windows compatible;
In a few clicks, the program allows you to remove the error related to the firmware of the video chip;
To run an unsupported driver, launch the program and click the "yes" button.

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