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  • Fasm flat assembler (fasm) is a free multi-pass assembler written by Tomasz Grysztar.

Fasm is written in itself, has a small size and very high compilation speed, and has a rich and powerful macro syntax that allows you to automate many routine tasks.

It supports both object formats and executable file formats. This makes it possible to avoid using a linker in most cases. In other cases, you need to use third-party linkers,

as fasm does not come with one. In addition to the basic set of processor and coprocessor instructions, fasm supports SSE, SSE3, and 3DNow!

  • Briefly about FASM, assembler, WinAPI

What is FASM? - It is an assembly language compiler (flat assembler).

What is an assembler? - Are machine instructions, i.e. commands to do something to the processor.

What is a Windows API/WinAPI? - These are Windows functions, you can't work with Windows without them.

What do WinAPI functions give you? - Lots of things:

File handling.

Window handling, drawing pictures, OpenGL, DirectX, GDI, that sort of thing.

Interaction with other processes.

Port handling.

Handling the Windows console.

And lots of other interesting features.

  • Why an assembler?

You can use it to do anything from OS to 3D games.

  • Here are the advantages of Assembler:

It's very fast.

You can use it to write any program you want.

  • The downside of Assembler:

It takes a long time to make a program. (relatively)

Difficult to learn.


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FFS v1.0


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