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  • Who does Gigabyte's offer appeal to? Obviously, to customers who choose GPUs from them. It's no secret that Xtreme Engine is a typically personalized tool, unlike, for example, MSI AfterBurner, which has no serious resistance to OC of anything.

However, the limitations we have to observe don't end there.
The program is designed for newer revisions of cards and two currently existing architectures - Pascal and Polaris.

  • Extreme Game Engine

The first start of the program is accompanied by a simple selection of the video card we are interested in. Thanks to this each of them can be individually adapted to our needs and our own capabilities.

It is worth noting that the program gives us the opportunity to choose as many as six independent cards! This can be especially useful for the dynamically developing phenomenon of "mining" cryptocurrencies with GPU when one application allows you to manage so many video cards.

The first and most important tab we will come across is the OC tab. Here we will set the clock frequency of the core, and memory or select the voltage. Despite its apparent complexity, after some time of theory assimilation, it turns into a handy and responsive program, ready for sharp overclocking.

It is also worth noting that we increase the voltage not in fractions of a volt, but in percent! This is especially important and must be remembered!

The next tab, for some reason called Advanced OC also allows us to overclock our card, but in a much simpler way, automating most of the process.
I do not recommend using it - it is much more reliable and trustworthy to be guided by its predecessor.

It is extremely important to adjust the speed of the fans depending on the conditions in which the card has to work.

  • FAN - here we get the possibility to adjust everything the way we need, using automatic profiles, rotation curves, or constant rotation settings. It is worth noting the function displayed by the card's RGB LEDs - Fan Stop.

Below a certain temperature, the GPU goes into passive mode, turning off the fan completely. Especially useful when working in text editors or on the Internet, where only blissful silence accompanies us.

The last place where we were given the opportunity to change the settings is, of course, the LED. Don't be fooled - RGB has taken over people and the world in recent years.

  • Resource Monitor.

A somewhat obvious but nice addition is a simple retractable metric that comprehensively describes the most important parameters of our card that change over time.

Without playing OC, we will really only be interested in temperature and fan speed. With a few simple steps presented earlier, we will make our GPU hardware perfectly adaptable.

In addition, all the information we have here is extremely useful for diagnosing the card's mode and problems when we encounter even a throttling issue.


  • Bottom line

The cards offered by Gigabyte, as well as the relatively simple software that allows you to manipulate the parameters yourself, are products that deserve attention.


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