Download Mi899

Download Mi899



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  • Mi899 is a small utility, designed to ease the process of backups and bios flashing for the most popular Chinese boards of the 2011-3 socket. Mi899 already contains all the necessary software and the most common bios versions. 
  • Features:

Dump and flash the bios from under Windows via FPTw or Afuwin, depending on the specific board.
Supported bios with both built-in turbo-boost and underwrite

  • Limitations:

Only FFS drivers are supported for TB unlock.
For Jingsha boards before flashing it is necessary to remove the write limitations of the bios. To do it in the bios go to IntelRCSetup > PCH Configuration > Security Configuration and change the Bios Lock to Disabled.

  • How to use

Download the archive, unzip it
Run Mi899.exe
Click the Explore tab > Motherboards

Explore > Motherboards

Choose a proper board model
In the window with the description click "Tools" (FPT or Afuwin depending on the board)


To dump current bios click on "Dump current bios", in the opened folder run "dump.bat" as administrator. After the execution in the same folder, you will see the dump.


To flash the bios, choose the required version from the dropdown list and click on "Flash selected bios". In the opened folder run "flash.bat" as administrator. After flashing, reboot, enter the bios, and reset to default settings.


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