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PC Monitoring Tool from NZXT

NZXT Cam is a free utility developed by NZXT for use with PCs. It serves as PC monitoring software, assisting users in tracking their computer's component status, including CPU, GPU, and other installed devices, providing insights into temperature and performance.


What sets NZXT Cam apart from options like HWMonitor or CPU-Z is its unique ability to log and save historical data over time. This is crucial information for PC enthusiasts, allowing them to monitor and identify any hardware bottlenecks or issues. The software even suggests potential upgrades and updates.

Key Features of NZXT Cam:

Upon installation, NZXT Cam offers standard monitoring functions for CPU, GPU, temperature, voltage, and more. Users can create a CAM Cloud account to leverage its standout feature—the ability to record and save historical data over time. Three viewing modes are available to check system information. The basic mode displays essential information at a glance, while the advanced mode shows detailed graphs and readings.

The Advanced mode is ideal for users who want to delve into all aspects of their machine. For gamers, an in-game overlay can be set up to display performance statistics. However, the overclocking feature is not as robust as some competitors. It provides limited adjustments to clock frequency, power, and temperature, lacking the option to adjust voltage, which would enhance its utility for users who enjoy customizing their PCs.

  • NZXT Cam vs. HWMonitor:

While NZXT's Cam is considered a leader in gaming PC production, particularly for monitoring, log management, and error tracking, HWMonitor is acknowledged for its superior power. HWMonitor is recognized as a reliable hardware monitor, displaying a comprehensive list of all installed hardware using various sensors. It excels in monitoring processor temperature, core voltage, frequency, load, fan speed, as well as accurately tracking the temperature of the graphics processor and hard drive.

For gamers, NZXT Cam is the preferred choice, as it is designed to work seamlessly with favorite games. This versatile PC utility allows users to customize lighting and fan settings to change according to the launch of supported games, helping create the desired ambiance in the gaming area. Additionally, users aiming for a competitive edge can set up audio cues or turn off all lights.

  • Comprehensive and Detailed Monitoring Software:

In conclusion, if you are seeking a new monitoring tool to keep track of your PC, NZXT Cam is worth considering. It boasts ease of use, a user-friendly interface, and provides more information than the average user might need. While it may not be the go-to choice for overclocking, it serves as a convenient software piece to monitor your desktop, especially its gaming performance.

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