Download official Remix IDE. Browser-based compiler and IDE

Download official Remix IDE. Browser-based compiler and IDE



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official Remix IDE is an open source web and desktop application. It fosters a fast development cycle and has a rich set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. Remix is used for the entire journey of contract development as well as act as a playground for learning and teaching Ethereum. Remix IDE is part of the Remix Project which is a platform for development tools that use a plugin architecture. It encompasses sub-projects including Remix Plugin Engine, Remix Libs, and of course Remix-IDE. Remix IDE is a powerful open source tool that helps you write Solidity contracts straight from the browser. It is written in JavaScript and supports both usage in the browser, but run locally and in a desktop version. Remix IDE has modules for testing, debugging and deploying of smart contracts and much more.


  • Everything in remix is now a plugin
  • The homepage is located in a tab in the Main Panel
  • Clicking on one of the environment buttons loads up a collection of plugins
  • To see all the plugins go to the Plugin Manager
  • Remix IDE stores files in Workspaces which are folders in your browser’s local storage
  • Workspaces are new as of Remix IDE v0.11.0

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