Download mining software: RivaTuner

Download mining software: RivaTuner



1.5 Mb
Installing RivaTuner is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!



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What is this program official  RivaTuner Statistics Server and how to use it?

RivaTuner Statistics Server is a special program that provides fine-tuning and overclocking of graphics gas pedals by NVIDIA and AMD. In the graphical interface of this software, you monitor the temperature readings, core frequency and memory speed of the video card.

The utility manages the main settings of the video adapter. In the program, you adjust the fan speed, activate a special mode that cools the device better, as well as picks up the "intensity" of the cooling system (in percent) depending on the overclocking mode.


This software is created with a simple shell and settings that are suitable for inexperienced users. The utility has options for adjusting the brightness and contrast of the display, as well as selecting the gamma for a particular color channel.

For advanced users, there are OpenGL configurations in the program. By selecting the optimal level of video card overclocking, you change the frequency of the core, memory and shader unit. After changing all the settings you will see the result by running the game. The program has frequency settings for 2D and 3D, which reduce the load on the graphics gas pedal, if not a resource-intensive application is running.

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