Download mining software: Team Red Miner

Download mining software: Team Red Miner



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Installing official Team Red Miner is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!



One for Windows operating systems, the second for Linux.


The utility is able to work exclusively with video cards manufactured by AMD and supports the most popular cards for mining.
The software is capable of mining most popular and most profitable coins nowadays, which work on one of 25 supported crypto network encryption algorithms.


The program does not require installation. Simply unzip the archive with the latest version of the software to your hard drive and the program is ready for initial setup before work.

If your antivirus software reports a possible infection threat, just ignore it. All mining software is considered malware by anti-virus software. Add TeamRedMiner to the exclusions list and the error will not happen again.


In the unpacked archive, you will find several manuals for the most popular crypto algorithms. The only disadvantage - the manuals are written in English, but very detailed and clear.

In addition, the folder contains pre-created templates of bat files needed to configure mining for different encryption algorithms.


Mining software that has a graphical interface, although more convenient to use especially for beginners, but less effective.

This software, as well as all programs running in DOS, have no graphical interface. All tuning of software is done through changes in bat files.


Do not change existing bat files. Keep them on your computer as an example. It is better to create your own bat file based on the one you want.

A step-by-step plan to creating a bat file:

Open the standard program "Notepad".
Copy the selected line that corresponds to the cryptocurrency to be mined into your notepad.
Change the purse number and pool address in the line (if you can choose a server that is closer to you).
Save the new notepad by selecting and clicking "file" - "save as".
Give the file a name, put a dot and give the file extension, writing "bat" after the dot.


The program has a very flexible configuration interface, through which you can disable certain modes, adjust the time of attempts, etc. All commands can be found on the official website of the software or on the appropriate thread on BitcoinTalk forum.

But you don't have to write absolutely all commands into a bat file. If the control argument is not prescribed in the file - the program will run with this parameter by default. At least you need to specify pool, wrapper and wallet number to get started.


TeamRedMiner developers also want to eat, so they charge all users for using the program. Periodically, there is an automatic switchover and there is mining to the developer's wallet. The commission will depend on both the cryptocurrency selected for mining and the video cards, on which the work is done.

So the lowest fee will be on ether algorithms (only 1%), and the highest on Lyra2z and Phi2 (3%). On average, the fees for the software will be 2.5%.


The most frequent problems occur when mining on Polaris video cards of coins on the Ethash algorithm. This usually happens because the default intensity is too high. Reduce this value by writing a command in the startup batch file.

Always use the latest version of the software - this will reduce the likelihood of any problems. As TeamRedMiner developers are constantly modifying the software to make it as useful and highly effective in mining as possible.


If you own an AMD-based farm - start mastering TeamRedMiner now, because they've already added DAG file separation on cards with more than 4GB of memory.

And by the end of the year, all 4G card farm owners will have maximum profit from mining unless some new super-profitable coins will appear of course. And in mining ka-pow the clear leader is the software TeamRedMiner, able to show the best results compared to competitors.

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