Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Download

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Download



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official Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is a powerful tool for overclocking your processor and graphics card


  • To increase the performance of the PC to be really noticeable, you can either by replacing the main hardware components, or by overclocking them. Usually overclocking is applied to the CPU and graphics processor, if the latter support this feature. This procedure itself is a forced increase in clock frequency and voltage processor, at the expense of which the latter begins to work in overclocked mode, without having a significant impact on the stability of the operating system.


  • Today, there are several methods of overclocking: by fine-tuning the BIOS settings, flashing BIOS with alternative firmware with different frequency and voltage parameters, as well as by using special programs, one of which is devoted to today's review. It's called Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or briefly XTU. This is a powerful proprietary tool designed to manage Intel processor parameters in a Windows environment and intended for users with a high and medium level of training.


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