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NVidia BIOS Editor is a free utility for managing your video card BIOS

NiBiTor is a BIOS editor for Nvidia graphics cards that allows you to change various parameters such as frequencies, voltages, timings, and temperature limits.


NVidia BIOS Editor or NiBiTor is a free program for changing BIOS parameters in NVidia graphics cards. With its help, you can change the parameters of loading and saving any BIOS Image files, change the loading of current BIOS from memory, manage Device ID, SubDevice ID, SubVendor ID, and other vendors, set boot functions independently, and much more. The program is also suitable for tuning your video adapter for maximum performance while controlling temperature, voltages, and other important indicators when overclocking.

  • Main features

Edit the "firmware" of the NVidia video card;
Changing the voltage of the graphics processor of the video card;
Changing the microprocessor clock frequency;
Control of video adapter fan speed;
Control of temperature indicators;
Protection against overheating;
Checking the values of video card time delays.

  • Pros and cons


Distributed on a free-of-charge basis;
Supports many models of graphics cards;
Supports the latest NVidia developments;

Rarely updated

  • Analogs

nVFlash - a free utility designed to change the BIOS firmware on video cards from the company nVidia. The program allows you to test the elements of the device, reset the settings to the basic parameters, and check the compatibility of PC components with the video card. Update the video card is resorted to in rare cases: when the video adapter malfunctions, to install official improvements and fixes. The nVFlash program is designed for exactly these purposes.

NVmax is a popular utility, which is designed specifically to customize the parameters of the video card from NVIDIA. The program allows you to change both basic and additional software settings, which are important when overclocking and using the video adapter.

GMABooster is an easy-to-use program designed to optimize the performance of graphics cards on chipsets GMA 900 and GMA 950. With its help, every PC user can control the work of the video adapter, and select the desired frequency of the graphics core.

Installation principles
In order to start using the program, you should follow the link above and click "Download". Then unpack the archive and run the exe file.

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