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official  NVIDIA Inspector is a program that provides you with access to data about NVIDIA graphics cards on your PC. The functionality of NVIDIA Inspector is similar to the GPU-Z utility

but is designed specifically to interact with the software. Installed for 32 bits and 64 bits. It helps to know the data of memory and chip, bios versions, drivers,

frequencies - standard and current, cooler settings, the load on the GPU, memory, and other features. To make a diagnosis you just need to download the latest version of NVIDIA Inspector

Nvidia Inspector

  • Extract and customize: Extract video card information and set optimal settings for better performance.
  • Overclocking: Use this small tool and overclock your graphics card to get maximum performance.
  • Best settings: Use the best Nvidia inspector settings to get the right environment for all types of games.
  • Limit and boost frame rate per second: Easily use this feature to increase your frame rate per second or set a limit on your frame rate per second.
  • Command Line Options: The Nvidia inspector also has command line options. You can adjust or overclock your video card by providing various commands.


Nvidia Inspector functionality

The utility allows the user to find out the characteristics of the chip and memory, the values of current and standard frequencies, the degree of loading of the GPU, etc.

In addition to data monitoring, it is capable of smoothly changing the values of parameters that affect the video card performance: temperature, voltage, memory, and core frequencies.


The main features of the Nvidia Inspector:

  • determining the technical characteristics of the board;
  • driver data output;
  • GPU power supply voltage control;
  • edit the driver profile from version 256.XXX;
  • changing cooling system parameters;
  • setting a fixed speed for the cooler;
  • overclocking the video card by changing the values of its basic characteristics;
  • Rolling back to the factory settings;
  • logging.

Useful information

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