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  • NVSlimmer - install only the necessary components of the NVIDIA driver

Over the past few years, NVIDIA driver packages have grown significantly in size, reaching 500 MB or more. The increase in the size of the installers is due to the constant addition of new components by developers, not all of which may be necessary for the user. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has not yet provided the possibility of a transparent selection of components when installing the driver, so they are all installed into the system without exception.

Had to take on a freelance craftsman. One of the programmers, known under the nickname uKER, created a special utility designed for selective installation of components included in the installation file driver NVIDIA. The utility, called NVSlimmer, is a kind of portable unpacker of EXE files. The user runs it, indicates the path to the driver, and then the program scans it and displays a list of components so that the user has only to mark the necessary and run the installation procedure.

NVSlimmer - install only the necessary components of the NVIDIA driver
By default, NVSlimmer excludes all minor modules, only the most necessary, without which the driver installation would make no sense. Before you enable or disable the components, it is worth searching for their descriptions on the Internet. You won't lose much if you leave Telemetry, Optimus, ShadowPlay, or Nvidia Backend disabled, but it's worth considering whether or not to install Audio HD.

Having made these simple settings, click "Apply" and follow the prompts. After confirming the choice the NVIDIA master installer starts in standard mode, but in the end, only the selected components will be installed.

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