Phoenix WinPhlash Download

Phoenix WinPhlash Download



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  • Phoenix WinPhlash is a program for backing up and updating your computer BIOS. You can replace the old BIOS with the new one, configure the firmware settings, change the DMI lines in the current BIOS with the new or old BIOS image and see the list of supported flash devices. Phoenix WinPhlash is an application for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.



  • Follow these steps to use Phoenix WinPhlash:

Download the latest version of Phoenix WinPhlash from the official website

Run the WinPhlash.exe file as an administrator.

Select the file with the new BIOS by clicking the Browse button.

Click the Flash BIOS button to start the flashing.

Wait until the flashing is finished and restart your computer.

  • Note: Before you start flashing the BIOS, make sure that all other programs are closed and that the network, power and battery are working properly.

make a copy of the current BIOS and your data just in case. Flashing the BIOS is a dangerous operation that can break the system if you do something wrong.

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