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official  RaveOS is a mining operating system created by representatives of the cryptocurrency community. When developing the system, the shortcomings of the existing platforms, the experience of many years of cryptocurrency mining, and miners' recommendations were taken into account. The new OS supports over 600 pools and over 50 miners.

Rave OS is suitable for beginners and experienced users. It allows you to automatically mine cryptocurrency on NVIDIA and AMD video cards, as well as ASICs. Below we will briefly consider what this platform is, what are its pros and cons, how it works, and what steps to take to configure the equipment.

What it is
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RaveOS is an OS for mining that allows you to monitor, configure and manage your farm on GPU or ASIC. The free version provides management of a single miner, statistics, a free mobile app, and support for many models of video cards and ASICs. The official page of the project - raveos.com/en/.

Features of the platform:

Control of the worker via PC / laptop or cell phone. The miner is provided with detailed information about hashrate, failures, electricity consumption, and other data. Built-in controller software detects errors and restarts the farm if necessary.
Ability to configure access rights and transfer control of the profile from another account. Suitable for situations, when you want to transfer settings to a more experienced miner.
Easy installation. Just download and write the image to a USB flash drive, connect it to a PC / laptop, and wait for the analysis of hardware settings. All you have to do next is to make simple settings.
Software update and overclocking. If necessary, you can overclock your video card and thus increase the hash rate. There are settings available online for thousands of video cards, and with the help of the RaveOS community, you can find a solution fast.
Smartphone app. Having a mobile application extends the capabilities of the OS, allows you to monitor the performance of your devices, and gets the data on the efficiency, exceeding the optimal temperature and a small hash rate.
Referral program. Besides mining on RaveOS, you can get passive income. Attracting users is available through messages, social networks, personal blocks, or e-mail. After connecting, 100% of the referral fee is available, after that 70% remains on the balance to pay for the services of the platform, and 30% is available for withdrawal.
Great choice of options. After registration, customers are available to a variety of cryptocurrencies, pools, and mining programs with regular updates.
Informing. Regular notifications via Telegram (in development), email, web, or mobile app.
Easy wallet management. Easy and fast creation of wallets for storing cryptocurrency, including group wallets.
Reliable protection. The system provides 2-factor authentication and other methods of protection.
All in all, RaveOS is a specialized system based on Linux and focused on mining. It combines all the options needed for mining cryptocurrency.

Parameter Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
Intel Core 2 or AMD am2+ processor Intel Core i3-3220 3,3 GHz or AMD FX-6300 3,5 GHz
Hard disk 4 GB - HDD, SSD, M2, USB 8 GB - SSD
Special attention should be paid to BIOS setup, which has the following requirements:

integrated graphics - enabled;
boot device - HDD, SSD, M2, USB (depending on the type of hardware);
boot mode - Legacy Mode;
PCIe support - automatic;
virtualization - off;
4G decoding - enabled.

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