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  • Rufus is a free and easy-to-use program for creating bootable USB disks from ISO images of operating systems, BIOS, or other firmware.
  • Rufus supports various USB drive formats, such as Flash/Pen/Key disks, memory cards, etc.
  • Rufus also lets you work on computers with no operating system installed or run low-level utilities. Rufus is open-source and available in many languages.
  • Rufus is an ideal tool for those who want to quickly and easily create a bootable USB drive for various purposes.


Despite its small size, Rufus can do everything you need.

About DOS support:
If you create a DOS boot disk and use a non-US keyboard, Rufus will select the keyboard layout according to the regional settings of your system. In this case FreeDOS, which is the default, will be used instead of MS-DOS because it supports more keyboard layouts.

About ISO support:
All versions of Rufus since version 1.1.0 allow you to create a bootable USB disk from an ISO image (.iso). Creating an ISO image from a physical disk or from a set of files is very easy with CD burning software such as the freeware CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn.

About UEFI and GPT support:
As of version 1.3.2, Rufus supports UEFI as well as GPT partitions of installation media, which means that Rufus will allow you to install Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux in full EFI mode. However, full UEFI/GPT support requires Windows Vista or later versions of Windows. Windows XP restricts the creation of UEFI boot disks in MBR mode due to operating system limitations.

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