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S3TurboTool Download






The official S3 Turbo Tool utility allows you to do Unlock Turbo Boost and Undervolting in the most convenient way, and there are also a number of useful functions. The program is very convenient because all the necessary tools are gathered in one place, which makes it very easy to do all the steps to perform the Unlock Turbo Boost procedure.

  • S3TurboTool

    The key differences from the classic Unlock Turbo Boost:

- The PEI driver version supports sleep, i.e. after sleeping the unlock is not removed as it was in other unlock drivers before.
* The PEI version of the driver often kicks off brand-name boards (Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.), if you want to keep the unlock after sleep, use RAW.
- The DXE version supports dual-processor systems, but no sleep, also DXE version supports individual unlock for each CPU.

  • This instruction fits any LGA 2011-3 motherboard, including branded ones like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte etc. Before you do Unlock, make sure your CPU is Stepping 2 or the final version. It is not recommended to do Unlock if you are using an E5-16xx v3 processor with an unlocked multiplier, the system will behave extremely unstable.


  • S3TurboTool


- Works with any operating system: Windows, Linux and others.
- It doesn't matter what format your system disk is, MBR or GPT.
- Can only be done with Xeon E5-26xx v3 and Xeon E5-46xx v3 processors with Stepping 2 and final versions.
- Unlock cannot be done with all Xeon E5 v4 CPUs!

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