Download mining software: T-Rex

Download mining software: T-Rex



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Installing T-Rex is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!



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The full title of the most recent program is official T-Rex 0.26.4 Ethash (+LHR unlock and dual mining) GPU miner. With its help green video cards mine cryptocurrency on 46 algorithms. The application is closed source, devfee is 1% (2% for Octopus and Autolykos2). The latest official release of T-Rex works with any CUDA version and automatically selects the correct one.

For safety reasons, the binaries are compressed using 3rd party code that corrupts the source machine code. As a consequence, certain anti-virus systems can find malware signatures in the binaries. They do look like those of real viruses, but they are false positives. The binaries taken from the Bitcointalk forum, the official website, and from Github are completely safe.

The original version of T-Rex Nvidia is a packaged set of files.

It includes:

Application and system file msvcr71.dll;
Instructions in English;
Sample configuration file;
Botnets for the most popular coins that T-Rex Miner works with.
For Windows and Linux operating systems separate versions of the software were created, the cuda architecture version depends on the video driver installed.

After you have downloaded the miner's archive, it is recommended to check that its checksum matches the checksum specified in the release message.

Create a package in a convenient location on your PC's hard drive, unzip the T Rex miner archive into it, and proceed with customizing for your particular pool.

To choose a server for mining virtual coins, you need to first decide what kind of cryptocurrency you want to mine. The current profit can be seen on the online service WhatToMine.
What algorithms the program supports
Using the T-Rex miner, you will be able to work on:


The most profitable, as of 3/20/2022:

Ethereum (ETH) hash algorithm Ethash;
Sero (SERO) ProgPow;
Equilibria (XEQ CryptonightGPU;
Conflux (CFX) Octopus;
Flux (FLUX) Zelhash;
Firo (FIRO) FiroPow;
Rawencoin (RWN) KawPow.
Ethash algorithm hashrate for different Nvidia models:


Developers from time to time release new versions of software with more features. It is necessary to monitor the network regularly, watching the prices of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of new blockchain assets.


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