Download mining software: TT Miner

Download mining software: TT Miner



Installing TT Miner is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the appropriate version for your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, you can start setting up your miners and algorithms to get started mining as soon as possible!



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official TT Miner - setup and instructions, download the latest version

  • official TT-Miner is software that allows you to mine video cards from the Nvidia family, with the support of as many as three algorithms for hashing. It is based on an algorithm for mining cryptocurrencies called ProgPOW. This miner supports algorithms like ETHASH, (UBIQ), ProgPoW, MTP, LYRA2V3, Lyra2 Revision 3, EAGLESON...

Many people nowadays try to do such an interesting thing as cryptocurrency mining, but they don't always understand how to do it properly. In general, you need to have not only powerful hardware and stable internet, as many people think, but also decent software that will allow you to keep a stable hash rate during the whole process. Today we are going to talk about an interesting program called TT-Miner 3.2.0, which allows you to mine coins on Nvidia cards.


  • official TT-Miner 2023.1.5  (tt miner nvidia only) is a software that allows you to mine on Nvidia video cards, with the support of three algorithms for hashing. The basis of an algorithm for mining crypto-coins, called ProgPOW. After the start of the algorithm should work for about 4-5 minutes in order to appear the stable settings for the most optimal hash rate.

Keep in mind that if you are using the Linux operating system, you should use Ubuntu 18.04 or the older version.

At the very beginning, you should tt miner download to the right place with tt miner official website and then unpack the downloaded files in a convenient location for you. The miner is downloaded as a whole on the zip archive, without requiring installation. Then, you will need to configure the files, specifying some data, including a wallet, which will come in coins after mining.


  • Setting up TT-Miner through the console.

In order to begin working with the TT-Miner 2023.1.5 program, you must configure the program. To do that, you have to open a .bat file in any text-editing program, replacing some important data, including the wallet and some settings.

Let's proceed with the actual editing of the bat - change the wallet address to your own, as well as change some important settings to adapt the software to the needs of your equipment. To do this you actually need to right-click on the file format .bat and click on the word "change".

TradeTec-MinerCmd.exe - it is specified in a batch file, which software you are going to run. The file of such software must be located in the same directory of your computer as the command file.

PROGPOW-100 - this is an algorithm for mining the coin you are going to mine.
iN5h4sGcf1BD7QR1mgaqkeGWnDvAubzyEKg - after the construction -P stratum + tcp: // you should specify the address of your digital wallet for crypto coins. You can take it from exchange, where you actually plan to trade or store coins, or set up a full-fledged "cold wallet", which will only be able to store your coins.
rig1 - after the address of your wallet has been specified (entered), put a dot and then specify the name that you gave for your mining farm. In fact, you can give a name of any kind. Basically, it will only be necessary to use it to keep track of all the indicators for the pool statistics. 3910 - after you put the @ sign, you must specify the address of your pool, and then put a colon and write the port of your pool.
-List-devices - a command to display all available devices for your mining farm.
Above we have discussed all the various commands for starting the tt miner 2023.1.5 software. Below you can see how the payout mode will be set up, because in some pools it is possible to set the payout frequency.

In fact, we have set up the program for the first run. In order to start the mining process you need to double-click on the created command file with the .bat extension. Then, after launching, you should pay attention to what the console itself will show us.

TradeTec-Miner - the program will tell you that there is an installed version of the program.
Found 2 CUDA devices means that there are two devices available.
#0 PCI 0:1 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (6.1) CoreClk 139 MHz | MemClk 495 MHz | 11264 MB | SM: 28 - Here you specify the name of your video card, and overclocked cores on your PC, and the available working video memory. - the pool that was specified in the batnick file itself.
iN5h4sGcf1BDGGgaqkeGWnDvAubzyEKg - your wallet address, where your coins will be sent.

  • YOUR WORKER - the name of your farm (optional).

Use algo: ProgPoW (Programmatic Proof-of-Work) - this specifies the algorithm, in our case ProgPoW.
CUDA 10.0 - the cuda architecture on which your graphics cards will run.
Press 'Q' - to stop mining and stop, if you press Q in the active window of your miner, the cryptocurrency mining program will close.
Set nonce generation to mode: 3 - timeout: 0.00 secs. The nonce settings have been set to mode 3. We will tell you a little bit about this below.
Subscribed to Your device successfully connected to the specified pool.
Received new job#: d27a - a new task for the existing video cards has been sent to the pool
Pool difficulty update: 0.08 GH - the pool has set the difficulty to 0.08 GH.
Worker authorized: YOUR WORKER - we were able to log in to the pool
create new DAG for epoch 6 - this will create the DAG file for mining. You should expect some time for this process to take place.
DAG created in 2.7 seconds - A DAG file is created in 2.7 seconds.
Accepted 86 ms. pool has been accepted from the video card. A payment is made to all miners, for the number of tasks solved by the video card. You can find the rest about tt miner on github.

Setting up through the graphical interface.
In addition to the console mode, tt-miner 3.0.10 also supports a graphical mode, through which you can also configure the miner.

Before you run TradeTec-MinerControl.exe, you should configure your pools. To do this, you should activate the menu "Edit" -> "Add new pool..." after launching TradeTec-MinerControl.exe.

In the dialog window you will be able to enter all the information you need to use to start it, namely server, port, user name, as well as password and wallet address.

Then click on "add pool" and it will appear in the "available pools" window. Here are some tips and guidelines about what you should enter in any given field when setting it up:

Name: This is where you want to give a unique name for your coin or pool configuration.
Algorithm: You choose the algorithm you need to mine the exact coin you want. Right now you can choose between algorithms like Ethash, ProgPoW, and Ubqhash (MTP will probably come later as well).
Server: here you need to enter information about your connection, namely the data about the server with the desired port in order to connect to your pool. You do not need to enter the necessary stratum+tcp prefix because TradeTec has an algorithm that automatically detects the protocol you are using at the moment.
Wallet/User: Basically here you specify your wallet address. But if your pool requires a login at the beginning, you will first need to enter your username to use this or that pool.
Password: you can safely leave this field empty for most of the known pools. If your pool still requires a login (supernova), then you should enter a password for it as well.
Worker override: in most cases, you can leave it completely blank.


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