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Ultimate Patcher Tool (UTP) Download



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  • Ultimate Patcher Tool (UTP) is a small but very useful application for Chinese boards on the 2011-3 socket:
  • Install a driver which allows you to control the power and voltage modes of cores, CLR, and system agent directly from the bios settings.
  • You can also enable/disable dynamic SVID mode, FIVR faults, and efficiency and change VRM voltage. To do this, among other things, you can open hidden items in Overclocking Features menu.

Enable Turbo Boost Anlock, which will also remove Haswell microcode. Correct C3/C6 report states will be set to prevent freezes.
Eliminate Smart Fan sleep problems. The program mines and shuts down the non-functioning code and adds a driver that initializes the hardware monitor a little more correctly. After sleeping, the PECI and Smart Fan temperature readings will not break.
As a bonus, the logo and boot screen saver image can be changed.

NEW BIOS support for new revisions of Huananzhi motherboards with nuvoTon NCT5567D-B multi-controller (UTP 2.0 and later).
NEW Ability to edit access rights to disable write protection or bring it back. It is possible to change permissions in the descriptor, thus "unlocking" BIOS to write using FPT, AFUDOS, etc. (starting with UTP 2.0).
NEW Read current BIOS from motherboard flash and write patched BIOS to flash (since UTP 2.0). This item requires current unlocked bios and FPT. It's enough to have FPTW64 somewhere on your disk (for example, together with S3TurboTool) - the patcher will find it.
NEW Backlight tuning feature for Jingsha X99-8D3, will probably also work on Jingsha X99-D8 (starting with UTP 2.1).
NEW Fixed an issue that caused some Huananzhi firmware to boot spontaneously in BIOS recovery mode (UTP 2.2 or newer).
In other words, it is now possible to manage voltages directly from Bios, and, most importantly, the old bug, breaking the smart fan after the system comes out of sleep, is defeated.

  • Using the utility is very simple: download, open (works in Win 7 - 10, requires no additional software installation), specify the path to the bios dump, or download the bios via the utility itself and check the required functionality. After that, we get the modified version and flash it in the usual way for the specific board (programmer, afuwin, or through the utility itself if you have fptw64 on your PC).

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