Download mining software Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

Download mining software Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5



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Level up your Windows 10 PC with the ultimate Windows Tweaker 5! Learn how to use this comprehensive mining software program

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a desktop utility to enhance your OS's performance, interface tweaks, and other modifications. It is unlike the few utilities that have come out in the last few weeks, designed only to change the privacy settings in Windows. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5 not only changes privacy options but also other settings.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 requires .Net Framework 4 (it comes with Windows 10).

Compared to the previous version of Windows Tweaker 4, the interface has not changed much. More than a dozen of new Windows 10-specific settings have been added including the aforementioned privacy options (you should change them without fail), new context menu settings for catalog apps, etc.

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