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Whattomine calculator: how to use it?

When you buy a new farm or ASIC, there is always the task of calculating how much profit this or that equipment will bring. In practice, this can only be done by connecting the farm to work, but buying equipment blindly is stupid and unreasonable. Therefore, special mining calculators have been developed to calculate the profit from various devices for a wide range of algorithms. In this article, we will look at the whattomine calculator.



Whattomine calculator is not only one of the most popular services for calculating profits, but also the most accurate, as practice shows. In addition, its main advantages include ease of use. Going to the site, you immediately get to the main screen where you can configure all the necessary parameters. Let's understand a little bit about the interface and the data displayed.

 Whattomine calculator

Now everything in order:

  1. The name of the mining algorithm on which the data will be displayed. In the above screenshot, they are all disabled except Ethash and Lyra2Rev.
  2. The hash rate of your hardware, which you can change at will.
  3. The power consumption of the equipment you are running on. Can also be set manually.
  4. The cost of 1 kW of electricity in your area for more accurate calculation of the profit.
  5. The list of exchanges from which the information on the rate of cryptocurrencies will be taken.
  6. Filters to sort the results by various parameters, for example, you can display the most profitable coins at the top of the list.
  7. Calculation button.

Adding another profit card to allow you to compare the profitability of mining on different farms.
Thus, the main screen of the site contains all the elements necessary to analyze the profits. Perhaps it is this simplicity that makes the whattomine calculator the most popular.


In the top panel of the site there is a table where you can select the cards used in your farm. Here you can choose both a single graphics card and several different models. Therefore, it will not be difficult to assemble a set that corresponds to the actual hardware.

As an example, we will put together a farm of two Geforce 1080Ti cards and three Geforce 1060 cards. Choose cards in the table and set their number. All done! The only thing left is to press the Calculate button. The system is not only hashrate different models but also their level of power consumption.

 Whattomine calculator

Note that the hashrate on the site is set to the stock value, so if you know how much your hardware is producing after overclocking, you can enter this data manually.


If you do not know what equipment you will use, but are just estimating how high the hash rate should be in order to get a particular level of income, you can use the calculations according to the algorithm. To do this, simply specify the necessary hash rate, select the algorithm, and click Calculate.

 Whattomine calculator

You will see a list of coins on a particular algorithm, as well as their profitability figures under certain conditions (energy consumption, hash rate, cost per kW of energy, etc.). In this case, the profit will be displayed both with and without the cost of electricity.


There are tabs at the top of the site where you can select the ASIC.

 Whattomine calculator

Actually, this section allows you to calculate the profitability of cryptocurrency mining on ASICs. Unfortunately, the system does not provide a list of devices that are on the market, and the set of algorithms is not quite complete, but for major coins and equipment data can be obtained.

Again, the setup is extremely simple - enter the hash rate value, specify the power consumption of the device, choose an algorithm and click Calculate. The system will show you all the available coins on a particular algorithm and calculate the profit.

 Whattomine calculator


If you have already selected a specific coin that you will be mining, then you can use the Coins tab.

 Whattomine calculator

The whattomine calculator allows you to get more detailed information about mining for a specific coin. More advanced settings are already available in this section, such as:

  • Reward per block.
  • Network complexity.
  • Pool commission.
  • Equipment cost.
  • Coin rate.

Whattomine calculator
Accordingly, you get more information.

 Whattomine calculator

It is important to remember that despite its accuracy, the Whattomine calculator gives a certain margin of error, so you should subtract 10% from the results. There may not be such a gap in practice, but it is better to be reinsured!